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Campaigns by and for the people

Pioneering microinfluencer campaigns for cause and political advocacy

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Our Approach

Real people are the best campaign message

The effectiveness of campaigns is diminished in the age of peer-to-peer, decentralized communication.

  • Messages that voters and constituents want to hear

  • Delivered at speed and scale by trusted community voices

  • Any location, demographic, profession or affinity

Our Difference

Meet your constituents where they are

Source authentic peer-to-peer content, on any channel and at any scale.






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Our Performance

Voters don’t trust campaigns, they trust each other

Personal stories out-perform traditional paid


higher ad recall


higher social click through


higher organic shares

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Our Experience

Championing progressive causes and campaigns

  • conducted the largest public health campaign on vaccine hesitancy

  • organized a 50 state campaign to showcase the Union Difference

  • activated an army of BIPOC influencers to win a Presidential Election

  • proved P2P content outperformed campaign content by 23%

  • galvanized Black voters for change in the Georgia Senate Run-Off

  • launched on TikTok to champion sexual health for a new generation

  • amplified local union support to fight for the rights of workers in the South

  • united Latinas in the fight against climate change in Arizona and Nevada

  • engaged parents on impactful ways to talk to their children about racial equity