Case Study

25 and Alive Drives the Beat to “Mani, Pedi, Pap, Pose”

Creating Conversation About Cervical Health Awareness Month

25 and Alive Drives the Beat to “Mani, Pedi, Pap, Pose”

The Challenge

In preparation for Cervical Health Awareness Month (CHAM) in January 2022, People First partnered with 25 and Alive to educate all people with a cervix about cervical health risks and care measures to drive participation in cervical health screenings, especially the Pap test, around the country.

Our Response

  • People First’s analysis discovered that more news outlets were using the generic phrase “cervical cancer screening” as opposed to the more specific “Pap test” in 2022, and as a result, the volume of mentions of the Pap test online had decreased by 8.9% over the previous year.
  • Seeking to jump start the presence of “Pap test” in the online discourse, and thereby increase education and participation in the Pap, People First collaborated with 25 and Alive to create and disseminate “Mani, Pedi, Pap, Pose,” an original shareable song designed for TikTok that was paired with giveaways and education initiatives.


  • People First collaborated with 25 and Alive to source 133 creators who performed and shared “Mani, Pedi, Pap, Pose” for a total of more than 23 million impressions across a variety of social media platforms. 
  • In January 2022, the volume of posts mentioning the Pap test more than doubled as compared to the average monthly results, and more than 15,000 women scheduled an appointment for a cervical health screening.


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