Case Study

Ad Council Enlists Community Members To Vaccinate America

Building Trust To Inspire Action

Ad Council Enlists Community Members To Vaccinate America

The Challenge

The Ad Council, a storied nonprofit organization that produces, distributes, and promotes public service announcements, led a charge to encourage Americans from all walks of life to trust and embrace the COVID-19 vaccine and its subsequent booster shots. People First partnered with the Ad Council on a year-long nationwide campaign to empower trusted messengers with accurate vaccine information, to encourage vaccine education across the country, and to convince all Americans to protect themselves with a COVID-19 vaccine.

Our Response

  • People First’s analysis discovered that at the beginning of 2021, the majority of Americans felt at least some hesitancy about the COVID-19 vaccine, with many embracing a “wait and see” mentality. In addition, a wide variety of populations embraced complete distrust of the vaccination process altogether.
  • Our “Vaccinate America” campaign empowered family, friends, and other trusted messengers – from healthcare workers to parents with young children – with a platform to share their own personal pro-vaccine experiences and narratives as a means of encouraging those close to them to commit to vaccinating themselves and their families.


  • People exposed to the campaign were 165% more likely to get vaccinated than a control group.


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