Case Study

AFSCME Highlights The Union Difference in America

Hearing How Unions Have Changed Lives

AFSCME Highlights The Union Difference in America

The Challenge

AFSCME (the American Federation of State, County, and Municipal Employees) is one of America’s most robust labor unions. People First partnered with AFSCME to raise awareness about the benefits of unions for all people, and in the process improve public perceptions of unions countrywide.

Our Response

  • People First’s analysis found that Americans’ opinions of labor unions were in constant flux in response to national politics, events, and online discourse, and often people were unfamiliar with the relationships between unions and personal and familial growth, progress, and security.
  • People First recruited hundreds of union sympathizers from across the country into “The Union Difference” campaign to speak about how unions have positively impacted themselves, their families, and their communities, inspiring others to do the same and resulting in an overall increase in positive union sentiment online.



  • The campaign resulted in countrywide union approval reaching its highest point in more than a decade.


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