Case Study

Culturelle Makes the Internet Safe for IBS

Overcoming IBS Stigma One Conversation at a Time

Culturelle Makes the Internet Safe for IBS

The Challenge

Culturelle is a respected and science-backed brand providing probiotics for adults, children, and babies; but they are looking to challenge the negative stigma often associated with a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). People First and Culturelle teamed up to normalize the conversations around IBS, while building awareness and fostering inclusion among people who suffer from the condition.

Our Response

  • People First’s analysis found a negative stigma is often associated with conversations about the symptoms and experience of IBS, however those who experience it are eager to find a safe and open space in which to comfortably discuss their experiences.
  • People First organized creators with a history of managing their IBS to speak openly about their experiences and share ways to cope, with a focus on the benefits of Culturelle’s probiotic products.


  • People First collaborated with Culturelle to cultivate and amplify 56 honest stories.
  • The campaign’s content performed nearly two times better than average influencer campaigns, contributing to the destigmatization of IBS and a more open and accepting online environment in which to discuss gastric wellness.


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