Uplifting Authentic Voices to Create Strong Campaign Results for F&D

Uplifting Authentic Voices to Create Strong Campaign Results for F&D

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Major retailer of hard surface flooring, Floor & Decor is well known for its audience of “hands-on Buy-it-Yourselfers (BIYers).” To engage this audience, F&D partnered with us at People First to design and execute a micro-influencer campaign. 

The primary goal of the campaign was to drive brand awareness, with a secondary goal of driving users to the Floor & Decor website. To accomplish these goals, we sourced flooring professionals and homeowners “willing to do the job themselves” to create authentic peer-to-peer content used for advertisements across Meta. 

Upon completion of the two-month Paid Media Campaign, People First ran a Brand Lift Study on Meta to test the effectiveness of the ads. Below are the key findings:

  • 6.5-point overall increase in Brand Lift (ad recall)
  • Video ads performed significantly better than static ads, with CTRs 2.5x higher
  • While BIY audiences are cheaper to advertise to, Pro audiences were more engaged with the content, generating higher click-through rates than the BIY audiences
  • While older audiences had higher performance levels, younger audiences had higher levels of recall with Floor & Decor ads

It’s clear that audiences desire authentic content from creators who know what they’re talking about. 

Tap into People First’s network of creators to reach diverse and niche audiences in order to create strong campaign results.