Our Approach

Precision microinfluencer campaigns at scale

We recruit the longtail beyond the usual suspects by combining a state-of-the-art tech platform with a team of human organizers.

  • Messages your customers, prospects, and patients most want to hear

  • Delivered at speed and scale by trusted community voices

  • Any location, demographic, profession, or affinity

Our Stories

People have the power to change the narrative

We pioneered microinfluencer campaigns in politics. In recent elections, we have commissioned over 15,000 posts and videos. See some of our favorites:

Our Difference

Meet voters where they are

We identify, credential, recruit, and manage content from any diverse or specialized voter segment, across any platform.

Our Performance

Personal stories outperform traditional marketing

People don’t trust corporations, the media, ads – they trust each other:


higher engagement rate


higher click through rate


more efficient cost per click

Our Work in Action

Campaigns and messages by and for the people

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The Key to the 2024 Elections
Over the last several years, People First has organized dozens of campaigns to get out the vote and advocate for…
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Our Experience

People are a campaign’s best storytellers

  • Wisconsin voters defended women’s rights in the Supreme Court race

  • Activated an army of BIPOC influencers to win a Presidential Election

  • Latina moms promised to protect the environment for their children

  • Georgia voters advocated for their communities in the senate runoff

  • Defended seven incumbent Congresswomen against misinformation

  • Advocated for teachers in Kentucky

  • Moms voted for gun safety in Pennsylvania

  • Split ticket voters in Ohio put people over party

  • College athletes got the vote out for Governor Tony Evers