Our Approach

As the trust gap widens in healthcare, we find highly-credible messengers to close that gap.

People First pioneered how to source authentic stories from real people for pharma, health and wellness, hospitals, insurance, and OTC products. Here is how it works:

  • Identify the messages your customers, prospects, peers, and patients most want to hear.

  • Find, validate, source, and distribute the right messengers for B2B, B2C, and B2G clients.

  • Distribute these stories across paid, earned, and owned media by granting full rights and usages.

Our Stories

Personal stories in health and wellness inspire measurable results.

We’ve deployed 1000’s of stories — from IBS patients for Culturelle, OBGYNs for Hologic, Diabetes patients for the CDC, Caretakers for Genexa, vaccines in BIPOC communities for NIH, health executives for AHIP, and new mothers for Sarasota Memorial. These are a few of our favorites.

*ISI will always meet your standards. Ask us more about life sciences and ISI.

Our Difference

Different channels drive different outcomes – meet your patients and providers where they are

Personal experiences based on brand briefs are deployed across the patent journey – from brand social media channels to Sizzle Reels for sales calls

Our Performance

Personal stories outperform traditional advertising

As the Internet becomes the front-line of health and wellness, people are turning to those with shared experience for insight. Doctors trust other doctors and patients trust those going through the same experiences.


higher ROI


higher engagement rate


higher click through rate

Our Experience

People First sourced and distributed 1000's of stories for health clients

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Our Experience

People power healthcare – let's talk!